Monday, October 31, 2011

Soliciting Intervenors for Michael's Law

For Immediate Release

Soliciting Intervenors in the federal case, Palmer v. Jones et al. 11-CV-1896, in the District Court of Arizona


In honor of Michael Roth, of Quartzsite Arizona, who had his 2nd Amendment right revoked simply for calling someone a "turd," Mike Palmer is suing the Justices of the Arizona Supreme Court, in their official capacity, to get his 2nd Amendment right back.

As with Roth, Palmer recently had his 2nd Amendment right revoked via a Civil Injunction Against Harassment - for blogging! In addition, Palmer's name has been put on the FBI's National Crime Information Center database, essentially reducing him to a criminal felon, all via a purely civil procedure! And, as with Roth, an ex parte (one sided) action at that.

Worse, there is no law in Arizona allowing courts to do this. The Arizona Supreme Court made up its own "law!" (So this is also a Constitutional issue in Arizona - the Court, by making law, is violating Arizona's Article III, Distribution of Powers. Your Legislator should be involved in this suit.)

Palmer fought this once in court. And won. After finding the cause of the confusion, he petitioned the Arizona Supreme Court to repeal its unlawful rule. The Court refused, but admitted Palmer's arguments had some merit and would be forwarded to a subcommittee for consideration.

Nothing happened, so now a Federal Civil rights lawsuit to force the Arizona Supreme Court to obey the law. The case is still in its infancy. A complaint has been filed. It is 11-CV-1896, Palmer v. Jones, et al. in the District Court of Arizona.

Palmer is soliciting Intervenors for his suit. Others who have, or are, the victims of the same constitutional deprivation; gun right groups who wish to protect their members in the future; Congressmen and Senators of Arizona.

Palmer can be reached at 602-513-3738.

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