Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tom Horne - Wrong on Quartzsite, Michael's Law. Arizona?

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne fights against QuartzsiteLet the record show that Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne blew it. He is on the wrong side of Quartzsite. He's currently on the wrong side of Michael's Law. That means he's on the wrong side of Arizona and your rights. (Remember that when he runs for Governor.)

You see, about a year before Jennifer Jones became famous and before the citizen advocacy in Quartzsite was in the pubic spotlight, Michael Roth—the same man who had his 2nd Amendment rights revoked for calling Councilman Joe Winslow a turd—had also been falsely arrested for speaking at a townhall meeting. Just like Jennifer Jones, But the video of Michael Roth didn't go viral. (The advantage of being a girl we suppose.)

Michael was charged with three criminal counts: resisting arrest plus two counts of disorderly conduct.

Arguably misdirected by Judge Michael Burke on what the First Amendment really says (wow - just like cheating judge Mary Hamm!), Michael was found guilty by a jury of the last two counts of disorderly conduct. (Jury Nullification, people! Juries are the final Check & Balance in a tyrannical system run by tyrannical judges.)

See the appellate court ruling for Burke's dilution of your Free Speech rights. (At para 9)

There seems to be a pattern and practice of bias by Judge Burke. At a recent hearing where Jennifer Jones challenged recent mayoral elections, the town didn't send an attorney to defend itself. They didn't need to. They had Judge Burke acting as their attorney! (Judge Burke earlier ruled in the same matter that "a citizen had no standing to request his or her elected officials to obey the law.")

Fortunately for Micheal Roth, there was video of what really happened at the meeting. So Michael appealed and, just a few days ago, the Arizona Court of Appeals vacated both sentences!

Unfortunately, the appellate judges (Margaret H Downie, Peter B Swann, & Donn Kessler) wimped out and did not correct Judge Burke on the First Amendment. (See Para 15.) So, un-rebuked, Judge Burke will do it again to you.

Now, guess who prosecuted Michael Roth at the appellate level? Yep - Tom Horne, the supposedly Conservative Attorney General for Arizona.

You know, Mr. Horne could have decided not to prosecute Micheal Roth. There was no case. This wasn't even close! But he did not uphold the Constitution. Instead, he prosecuted an innocent man. (Makes you wonder how many other innocent men have been wrongly convicted? Eh, Mary Hamm?)

Which brings us to the present.

Presently in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is Michael's Law. This is a federal civil rights lawsuit challenging an unconstitutional Rule the Justices of the Arizona Supreme Court wrote in an internal handbook of theirs which they use to unconstitutionally revoke your 2nd Amendment right in a civil injunction. As when you call a Councilman a turd. Or if you blog about a woman and that woman doesn't like the truth. The judges put your name in the FBI's National Crime Information Database, listing you as a CRIMINAL Domestic Violence offender! All via a civil mater, before you even have a trial!

By the way, this just happened to Jennifer Jones too. Jones is a newspaper publisher in Quartzsite. She had some colorful words with a colorful public figure. ONCE. As a result, Denise Florian, after failing to get a felony criminal charge to stick against Jones, sought and, absent law, obtained a civil Injunction Against Harassment against Jones.

Mr. Horne, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! You should not be defending the Justices of the Arizona Supreme Count in an unconstitutional action. Hey, rightly or wrongly, by law you're their "legal adviser." Advise them they are in violation of the law.

Further, your primary duty is to the Constitution, the Executive and Legislative branches of Arizona government. Oh yes . . . and "we, the people."

But go ahead. Take up another bad cause against Michael Roth. While we realize the people have short memories, the Internet is forever.

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