Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Legal Advice on Ninth Circuit?

Our blogger could use a tiny bit advice as to how best to proceed.

After successfully forcing Judge Snow off the case, Judge Teilborg dismissed the case.

That's fine and was expected. We always planned on this case of first impression being settled in the Ninth.

So our blogger filed a Notice of Emergency Appeal with the Ninth, as he did before when he filed an Emergency Interlocutory Appeal.

When he filed the Interlocutory, the Ninth put it on the fast track with a 14 day deadline to brief.

But, for some reason, this Emergency Appeal is on the normal track. The deadline is the end of March.

We're hoping this is an oversight by the Ninth. This is supposed to be an emergency appeal, due to an actual constitutional deprivation. But how to bring it to their attention?

If any attorneys have any ideas, please send them via a comment. You can remain anonymous and the comment will not be made public. (Unless you want it to.)

Thank you.

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