Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Lord rebuke you, Ninth Circuit judges

True Christians are not supposed say "God damn you" to anyone because 1) we can't tell God what to do, 2) we aren't to damn anyone ("'Vengeance is mine,' says the Lord"), and 3) even if we could damn people to hell, we don't know all the facts to know if someone should be damned. (Although, in fact, the odds are that most everyone is going to hell.)

The closest a true Christian can come to "damning" someone is to quote the archangel Michael's statement to Satan, the devil in Jude 1:9, "The Lord rebuke you!" (And it's clear from the Bible that Satan is going to hell. So if anyone could be damned to hell, it would be the devil. Yet Michael exercised restraint and did not exceed his authority.)

And so we say to three judges in the Ninth Circuit, "The Lord rebuke you!" For today, three judges issued a temporary injunction which allows mothers to continue to murder their unborn babies in Arizona.

The three judges are  KOZINSKI, Chief Judge, THOMAS and IKUTA

(Even though he's not a Christian, we have been impressed with Chief Judge Kozinski in his stand on judicial ethics. And he gets a lot of law right. We suppose, in his mind, he's simply going by man's law. Nevertheless, God will judge him for what he's done here.)

Not to diminish the fact that these judges are condoning murder, what makes this even more poignant for our blogger is that the Ninth Circuit is quick to uphold a "constitutional" issue when it comes to murdering babies, but the Ninth Circuit simply refuses to act to uphold one's Second Amendment constitutional right in Michael's Law.

And the hypocrisy! For the injunction above sued TOM HORNE, Attorney General of Arizona, in his official capacity; et al. Which is EXACTLY the same as when our blogger sued the Justices of the Arizona Supreme Court in their official capacity. Both suits sought only injunctive and declaratory relief. Yet, in the latter case, the Ninth Circuit claims you can't sue judges for that when they make up and enforce unconstitutional law. But you can sue Tom Horne when he enforces unconstitutional law?

We've lost track of the judges in the Ninth Circuit that have ruled against our blogger so far. We would have remembered if Kozinski was one of them. We'll try to check the record to see if Thomas and Ikuta are named.)

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