Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cop and Border Patrol Agent about to lose job

It's no longer an "academic" exercise. This suddenly became very serious.

Our blogger got a call from a Phoenix cop a few weeks ago. (The cop had found this blog via Google.) Turns out a JP judge unconstitutionally (illegally) revoked our cop's Second Amendment right in a civil Injunction Against Workplace harassment!

Not only that, she went one better - she put the cop's name on the FBI's NCIC database as a "Brady Disqualification," listing him as a "prohibited possessor," a criminal domestic violence offender! But Brady is a federal law for criminal domestic violence only. Not for civil injunctions!

And there is no law in Arizona giving judges the ability to revoke your Second Amendment right in a civil injunction. The word "firearm" does not appear in the civil statutes. Unfortunately, no gun means no job for our poor victim cop.

This is a gun grab foisted on Arizonans by a run away, out of control, Arizona Supreme Court, who says it can foist a rule of internal administrative procedure (a Rule 28 rule) on all Arizonans. That would be like the Court saying that because all lawyers have to use 14 point font in legal pleadings, that YOU have to use 14 point font in all your writing. Ridiculous. And yet this blogger cannot get the Legislature to hold the Court accountable in this Article III power grab.

Our man is appealing his injunction. While we pray he wins (actually, we pray for justice), that does not solve the problem. The problem is that the Justices of the Arizona Supreme Court are acting outside the law. That makes them, not us, outlaws when they act to revoke your Second Amendment constitutional right.

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