Friday, November 18, 2011

But Justice Hurwitz is being sued!

President Obama has nominated Arizona Justice Hurwitz for the Ninth Circuit.

But he's being sued in federal court!

"Justice Hurwitz has proven himself to be not only a first-rate legal mind but a faithful public servant," Obama said in announcing the nomination. "It is with full confidence in his ability, integrity and independence that I nominate him to the bench of the United States Court of Appeals."

Hmmm . . . It's impossible to know which of the five Arizona Justices refuse to comply with Arizona Law in the Michael's Law lawsuit. Presumably a majority of them refuse to choose the right. But surely this can't look good for Justice Hurwitz. Can't he convince his colleagues what is right?

Hopefully some Republicans will trip across this blog when it comes time for the Senate to confirm Justice Hurwitz. Hopefully they will ask him which way he voted in Michael's Law.

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