Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Status as of November 17

Lot's been happening.

Defendants filed your classic Motion for Dismissal, rounding up the usual suspects of bogus arguments.

Plaintiff fired back a Response, quoting Judge Snow back to himself at several points from a parallel case from his own court!

Plaintiff filed an Emergency Motion to Disqualify the Arizona State Attorney General from appearing for defendants. (Conflict of Interest, Acting outside the law and Ethics Violations.) It appears the R Tom Horne is really no different than the D Terry Goddard. No wonder people call them "Repubocrats."

Again quoted Judge Snow back to himself from when he was an Arizona Court of Appeals Judge. (Hmmm . . . does anyone see a problem with this picture?)

A few more doozie motions are planned.

Will try to catch up and post all the above when we can catch a breath.

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